About Amirra
We Help bring
your people together
About Amirra
Amirra helps bring
your people together

Trusted by People-First companies around the world

Why we created Amirra

Human connection is essential for employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Yet, nearly half of all employees report feeling sometimes lonely at work. This lack of social connection leads to disengagement, poor performance, and employee turnover. We built Amirra to help organizations automate human connection at every stage of their employee journey. Together, we have helped startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world leverage the power of human connection to create a better world of work.

Our Mission

To eradicate workplace loneliness, because the more we connect, the happier we are, the better we work, and the longer we stay.

Why the name Amirra?

Amirra (ah-MEER-ah) is a name given to those who value connection & community - just like us! 

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