About Amirra
We Help bring
your people together
About Amirra
Amirra helps bring
your people together

Trusted by People-First companies around the world

What is Amirra?

Amirra is an Employee Retention Solution designed to foster meaningful employee connections throughout the onboarding, community, and engagement experience

Our Mission

To enable human connections
and enrich communities

Why the name Amirra?

Amirra (ah-MEER-ah) is a name given to those who value connection & community - just like us! 

Our Story

Amirra was founded by cousins, Michael and Ben. While working in different industries, they identified a common problem - a lack of human connection at work. After much research, they discovered that most organizations have a dry, dull, and impersonal onboarding, community, and engagement experience. To solve this problem, they and their team of amazing creatives developed the Digital Employee Retention Assistant they call, Amirra. After beta testing with industry leaders, the solution was launched in 2023. Today, Amirra takes pride in helping organizations worldwide humanize their employee experience by bringing their people together every step of the way.

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