Employee Engagement & Culture

Automate social interaction and employee engagement

Boost community & culture with an automated way to connect and engage talent in fun and meaningful ways
Image of shared interests and The Name Game on the Amirra Platform

Trusted by People-First companies around the world

Provide a central hub for community and culture to thrive

Bring your community and culture into one easy and effective digital space to help boost employee engagement and company culture

Automate participation to boost employee engagement

Automated prompts proactively encourage members to get involved and build your company culture organically

Measure and improve employee engagement

Obtain valuable insights to enhance participation, your company culture, and employee engagement

Integrates with the tools you use

Why Amirra

Brings your
people together

Introduces members in fun and meaningful ways

Reduces the amount of tools you need

Consolidates community and culture into just one tool.

Eliminates busy work

A proven solution to increase engagement and lower costs

Easily integrates

Microsoft Teams, Slack, SSO, OAuth, HRIS, and more

internal comms

Consolidates community & culture into one integrated and simple tool

your culture

Provides actionable data and suggests ways to improve your company culture

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