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Hi! I'm Amirra

I can help you...

Save time by automating your employee onboarding

Amirra gets to know your new joiners, introduces them to your community, and teaches them about your company culture and unique way of working

Create a thriving community & culture

Amirra proactively connects your members throughout the employee journey to ensure each person feels engaged, valued, and connected from day one

Reduce the amount of tools you need

Amirra provides an all-in-one community and culture toolkit to connect employees, encourage collaboration, and build an attractive work culture

Analyze your community & culture

Amirra provides useful insights and analytics to help you make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and optimize your overall employee experience

Integrates with the tools you use

Why Amirra

Brings your
people together

Introduces members in fun and meaningful ways

Reduces the amount of tools you need

Consolidates community and culture into just one tool.

Eliminates busy work

A proven solution to increase engagement and lower costs

Easily integrates

Microsoft Teams, Slack, SSO, OAuth, HRIS, and more

internal comms

Consolidates community & culture into one integrated and simple tool

your culture

Provides actionable data and suggests ways to improve your company culture

What they say about us

"Amirra is our solution to bringing connection, community, and support to our new hybrid work challenges"

Tobias Haug
VP Head of SAP Humanizing Business

"Amirra has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement"

Harvard University
Esther Vegh
Director of HR Communications

"Amirra significantly contributes to building community among our employees by engaging them in ways that enhance their sense of belonging"

Oregon State University
Robynn Pease
Director of Family Resource Center

"Amirra is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture"

Matt Hunckler

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