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Let Amirra's company culture solution help foster community and a sense of belonging by encouraging meaningful social interaction

Interactive quizzes

Employee groups

Photo contests


Event suggestions

Feedback surveys

Employee Community Solution

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Connects talent in meaningful ways

Amirra fosters meaningful social interactions at every stage of the employee journey, ensuring your team stays connected and engaged.

Brings your people together

Amirra's company culture solution keeps team members engaged with the community, no matter their location, fostering a strong sense of connection and unity.

Celebrates important employee milestones

Amirra's automated celebration system makes it easy to recognize and celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, retirements, and more, ensuring every milestone is acknowledged and valued.

Company Culture Software

Creates a feedback culture

Amirra fosters a feedback culture by enabling data-driven decisions through quick polls and surveys, empowering you to make informed choices for your team.

Why Amirra

Amirra's employee retention solution is the best way to create a great workplace environment.

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools you need

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Eliminates much of the busy work

Easy to adopt, use and manage

It's integrated and branded for you

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Discover how Amirra's AI Company Culture Assistant transforms employee engagement and retention. Learn how this powerful tool can help you enhance your organization's community building, employee wellbeing, learning, and engagement.

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