Diversity & Inclusion

Your Diversity & Inclusion Assistant

Let Amirra help you celebrate your diversity, foster inclusion, and create a sense of belonging

Diversity & Inclusion

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Helps members find their tribe

Amirra's DEI Assistant provides tailored opportunities for members to connect in ways that most interest them, fostering inclusion and strengthening team relationships.

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Creates a sense of belonging

Empower your members by giving them a voice on matters that affect them, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.

Diversity Inclusion Assistant

Showcases your DEI initiatives

Amirra's DEI solution makes it easy to showcase your diversity, equity, and inclusion to bring greater awareness to your impactful DEI initiatives.

Diversity and Inclusion Assistant

Celebrates your diversity

Easily view and showcase your diversity metrics directly on Amirra, highlighting your commitment to an inclusive workplace.

DEI Assistant

Why Amirra

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools you need

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Eliminates much of the busy work

Easy to adopt, use and manage

It's integrated and branded for you

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Discover how Amirra's AI Employee Experience Assistant is the best digital employee experience platform to revolutionize your employee retention strategies. This powerful tool offers a personalized employee experience to effectively enhance onboarding, community building, and engagement.

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