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How we keep your data and site safe

We use state-of-the-art security and hosting protocol to ensure your site and its data are kept safe and available. Have a question?

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Microsoft Azure Hosting

Military grade encryption

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We exceed industry standards to keep your data safe

UPDATED 04.01.2024

We take protection of our customers’ information and their users’ privacy very seriously.

We've partnered with Microsoft Azure who share our concerns and are the market leader in enterprise hosting services.

All client data is kept strictly confidential, is never shared, and can be added and deleted by you – our client.

File content is never shared, and all backups are encrypted and performed solely for the purpose of disaster recovery.

Content or files deleted by the client are automatically expired from Amirra's data base and backups during the next backup cycle (usually every 24 hours).

Your content belongs to you. Amirra's does not share or sell your data to any third party providers.

Each of our clients is provided an independent instance of the Amirra's tool with their own individual database and file storage.

In accordance with GDPR requirements around security incident notifications, Amirra's will continue to meet its obligations and offer contractual assurances.

We host entirely within the Microsoft Azure hosting environment because they share our concern for your security and data sovereignty.

Amirra's is a cloud-based software hosted within Microsoft Azure’s native cloud hosting infrastructure.

Some benefits include:
- Multi-instances allow for regional geographic redundancy
- The absence of Virtual Machines reduces security risk entrance points
- On-demand scalability allows your infrastructure to increase as your usage growsData at rest is encrypted using SHA-2 military grade encryption protocol to ensure your data stays safe.

Microsoft Azure meets and exceeds all Service Organization Controls (SOC) See link for more details Azure exceeds International Organization for Standardization (ISO) See link for more details

Amirra's is a cloud-based software hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud hosting infrastructure. Some of the largest companies in the world use our same hosting provider.

We have partnered with Microsoft because “Microsoft was proud to become the first global cloud service provider to appear on the Department of Commerce’s list of Privacy Shield certified entities as of August 12, 2016.”

One of the biggest questions surrounding international data transfer is where your data is housed when it is within the Microsoft Azure hosting environment. Microsoft ensures data remains in a country’s associated geographic region and copies, for redundancy, never leave said geographic reason.  To learn more about where your data is located, see "Your Privacy" in the footer

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