Employee Onboarding

Your Employee Onboarding Assistant

Let Amirra help you welcome and introduce new members to your community, culture and way of working

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Save time onboarding talent

Automations reduce the overhead needed to welcome, connect, and engage and track new hires.

Create a personalized welcome journey

Enhance your onboarding process with a fun and straightforward method to introduce your company, team, and work culture beyond just HR administrative tasks.

Humanize your onboarding experience

Amirra gets to know your members and connects them to your community in meaningful ways.

Track onboarding progress

Know where each new hire is in their onboarding journey and identify opportunities to improve your process.

Why Amirra

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools you need

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Eliminates much of the busy work

Easy to adopt, use and manage

It's integrated and branded for you

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