Employee Onboarding

Automate your Employee Onboarding

Personalize your welcome journey, explain your unique way of working, and track onboarding progress

Trusted by People-First companies around the world

Pre-onboard new hires

Get new hires excited and informed even before Day 1 with a customized pre-onboarding journey

Help your people connect

Automated prompts introduce new hires to the community and their like-minded colleagues

Guide and track onboarding progress

Create customized onboarding checklists. See progress tracking and ways to improve the process

Integrates with the tools you use

Why Amirra

Brings your people together

using automations that connect employees in fun and meaningful ways without you having to do a thing

Reduces the amount of tools you need

Your onboarding, community, intranet, surveys, announcements, events, and more all in one place

Simple to deploy, use, and administer

It's ready out-of-the-box. It's a no code solution. It has a socially familiar UX & UI, and is fully supported

Eliminates the busy work

thanks to automations including user creation, auto-governance, and self-monitoring

Integrated and branded for you

Connects to the tools you already use (SSO, IdP, HRIS, Internal Comms). Includes a branded mobile web app

Your data is kept secure and private

Microsoft Azure hosting, military-grade encryption, GDPR compliant, and we never share your data

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