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Go beyond HR admin tasks with an employee onboarding solution that welcomes, introduces, and acclimates new members to your people, culture, and responsibilities

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Save time onboarding talent

Spend less time, tools, and effort welcoming, introducing, and helping new hires feel part of the community. Amirra's automated employee onboarding software integrates new team members effortlessly.

Create a personalized welcome journey

Amirra's employee onboarding tool creates customized, scalable onboarding journeys for each new hire. With personalized welcome messages, team introductions, and a comprehensive information walkthrough, Amirra ensures new hires feel connected, engaged, and ready to contribute from Day 1.

Employee Onboarding Solution

Humanize your onboarding experience

Amirra's automated onboarding tool ensures new hires feel part of the community by fostering meaningful connections. Amirra HR acclimates, introduces, and teaches new members, handling the entire process so you don't have to.

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Track onboarding progress

Stay informed about each new hire's progress and enhance your process with Amirra's employee onboarding solution. Real-time tracking and detailed analytics help you quickly pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring a smoother and more efficient onboarding experience.

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Why Amirra

Amirra's employee retention solution is the best way to create a great workplace environment.

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools you need

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Eliminates much of the busy work

Easy to adopt, use and manage

It's integrated and branded for you

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Discover how Amirra's AI Company Culture Copilot transforms employee engagement and retention. Learn how this powerful tool can help you enhance your organization's community building, employee wellbeing, learning, and engagement.

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