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We help bring your people together

We built Amirra to help organizations reduce the time, tools, and effort needed to boost job satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

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The AI-powered Onboarding, Community,
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Our Origin

Amirra was founded by cousins Michael and Ben. While working in different industries, they identified a common problem: a lack of human connection at work. They discovered that most organizations lack a dedicated solution to connect and engage members, resulting in low job satisfaction and employee retention. 

To address this issue, they, along with their remarkable team, developed the first Digital Company Culture Assistant, which they named Amirra—a name that embodies the values of community and connection. After conducting beta testing with industry leaders, Amirra was launched in 2023. Today, Amirra is proud to assist organizations worldwide in humanizing their employee experience, creating a workplace that is both less lonely and more productive.





Interactions made


What makes us unique

Amirra’s Digital Company Culture Assistant is the simplest way to onboard, connect, and engage talent thanks to the built-in AI that keeps members feeling a sense of connection, belonging, and interest in your organization and its people.

Our Mission

To create company cultures people love

Our Purpose

To leverage human connection to drive organizational success

Why it matters

Because company culture is key to organizational success

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