Internal Communication

Simplify your employee communication

Amirra helps declutter your business channels by providing more effective solutions to communicate and engage talent

Trusted by People-First companies around the world

Use less tools

Prevent tool fatigue with a single platform for all non-core business communication

A central hub for employee resources

Provide each office location with a dedicated page to showcase their resources, tools, key people, restaurants nearby, and more

Your branded mobile web app

A customized web app allows your team to access the tool anytime, anywhere

No overhead needed

Avoid unnecessary overhead with built-in auto-governance, permission settings, self-cleaning, user provisioning, and easy site management

Why Amirra

Brings your people together

using automations that connect employees in fun and meaningful ways without you having to do a thing

Reduces the amount of tools you need

Your onboarding, community, intranet, surveys, announcements, events, and more all in one place

Simple to deploy, use, and administer

It's ready out-of-the-box. It's a no code solution. It has a socially familiar UX & UI, and is fully supported

Eliminates the busy work

thanks to automations including user creation, auto-governance, and self-monitoring

Integrated and branded for you

Connects to the tools you already use (SSO, IdP, HRIS, Internal Comms). Includes a branded mobile web app

Your data is kept secure and private

Microsoft Azure hosting, military-grade encryption, GDPR compliant, and we never share your data

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