Internal communication

Your Internal Communication Assistant

Let Amirra take care of all onboarding, community, and engagement communication using tools designed for purpose

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

Use less tools

Amirra replaces on average three tools you no longer need thanks to having an automated solution designed for community and engagement.

Save time with automated community prompts

Automations welcome, connect, and engage talent at every stage of their employee journey so you don’t have to.

Communicate with more structure and ease

The one-click announcement system makes it easy to celebrate important info.

Centralize all resources in one place

Provide a one-stop-shop for community and culture information to live and thrive.

Why Amirra

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools you need

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Eliminates much of the busy work

Easy to adopt, use and manage

It's integrated and branded for you

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