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Engage and Retain Your Workforce

Amirra is an AI Company Culture Assistant that streamlines employee onboarding, fosters community, and boosts employee engagement

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

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Discover how Amirra’s digital employee experience platform effortlessly enables you to engage and retain talent with ease.

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Why Amirra

Amirra's employee retention solution is the best way to create a great workplace environment.

Digital Employee Experience Platform

Brings your people together

Reduces the tools

Reduces the tools you need

Employee Retention Strategies

Uses AI-Driven interactions

Employee Experience Automation

Eliminates much of the busy work

Digital Workplace Integrations

Easy to adopt, use and manage

Employee Retention Tool

It's integrated and branded for you

Hi! I’m Amirra.
I can help you...

Welcome and develop your members

Amirra's personalized employee experience solution effortlessly onboards new hires, integrates them into your community and culture, and maintains ongoing engagement to ensure they feel part of the team and ready to contribute from Day 1.

Develop Your Members
Encourage social interaction

Enhance workplace culture & community

Amirra boosts social interaction and builds meaningful connections with gamification and automated prompts, enhancing employee participation, recognition, and feedback collection to help improve your employee retention strategy.

Engage talent effortlessly

Amirra's digital employee experience platform keeps members feeling engaged thanks to automated prompts designed to foster deeper connections and employee satisfaction.

Employee Retention Software

Improve your People & Culture strategy

Amirra's employee experience solution delivers practical insights into your workplace culture, diversity, and people strategy through comprehensive, data-driven analytics to create a sustainable employee experience strategy.

What our clients have seen


Fewer tools needed after adopting Amirra


Less noise in Slack/Teams channels and emails


Less effort managing community & engagement tasks

Integrates with the tools you already use

Microsoft Teams

What they say about us

"Amirra is our solution to bringing connection, community, and support to our new hybrid work challenges"
Tobias Haug

Tobias Haug

"Amirra has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement"
Esther Vegh

Esther Vegh

"Amirra significantly contributes to building community among our employees by engaging them in ways that enhance their sense of belonging"
Robynn Pease

Robynn Pease

"Amirra is really about building the types of human connections that lead to a great company culture"
Matt Hunckler

Matt Hunckler

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Discover how Amirra's AI Company Culture Assistant transforms employee engagement and retention. Learn how this powerful tool can help you enhance your organization's community building, employee wellbeing, learning, and engagement.

Employee Retention Solution Software
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